Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reverse Figawi

Looking windy so I think I best be getting my groove on... oh no it's memorial day, TOM TOM please help me get around these parades and over to the ramp! Do a casual launch thinking I've got this one in the bag, also cause it's blowing 25, I'm being extra careful that everything's in its place, as this is only my 3rd photo shoot of the season... get out a ways and some serious chop slows me down to about 4 knots, too slow to make what appear to be the fleet cranking over to Hyannis on a broad reach... oh well I have a chiropractic appt. every tuesday I say so it's pedal to the medal... upwind... ouch... hey wait, there's MYA in 3rd place! who knew? I track 'em down and shoot like crazy, but can't really see Ted at the wheel very well as the position of the sails completely block his face, oh well, it's a pretty boat at least... this reminds me of the time I was tagging boats off Swan's Island on a beautiful day way back before I knew the boat, MYA came up casco passage and I started shooting her... suddenly this big guy yells out "I'm TED KENNEDY send me those photos!" I said "email me and I'll send'em to you" which I did. He then placed an order right before the time his died in a plane crash which kind of freaked me out, cause here it is the news that he died, and Ted Kennedys voice is on my answering machine... anyhow I think these pics of MYA coming back from figawi are the best yet I've taken of her.. see'em all here...

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