Sunday, June 15, 2008

NYYC Annual Update #1

It's sunday now and we've got some great shots so far. Today I'll be focusing on the leward mark takedowns, and more close up crew action with the 300 or 70-200 if the seas stay calm. Yesterday I was able to use the 300 with the 2x (making it effectively 960mm with the sensor effect) due to the flatness out there and subsequently got each crew member individually. This lead me to start thing about how to make these photos more affordable to crew members (a problem which has plagued me in the past) Now that I have the equipment to get "individual" people portraits, I will be looking into how I can make these photos as available at a non-custom print print price so that you won't have to pay $100 for a picture of yourself racing... Normally I send cropping proofs and digital corrections ect.. which makes selling prints for $15 or $20 a loss considering the time I attend to each detail in the image. In this case I will likely upload all these crew portrait photos to an automated site such as shutterfly so I won't have to do anything... sound good? My associate Ken Winokur got some great aerials (see posts above for samples) and we should have some beautiful "boat portraits" from this day. Remember to email me if you are jazzed for photos, you'll get your gallery posted first come first serve, and we are much more likely to shoot a sequence of more images of a rounding ect. if we know you'll be looking on the site for them...

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