Thursday, June 12, 2008

Glassy Water

Shooting sea life in glassy water is actually great. When the breeze dies just head out with your 600mm lens, some ripped biceps (wishful thinking,) and a stealthy boat that glides quietly toward a rock of sunbathing beauties...I turn the engine off to drift in closer hoping they won't jump in, and what do you know, my cell phone rings! It's Jeremy wondering if I'm going to hockey today...and what's that yelping in the backround he asks? My dad had told me the seal pups are out now so the seals are pretty vocal and skittish at the moment. He said you can hear them yelping for miles at night when the water is very still and sound travels seamlessly... this is also good advice for cruisers... don't blab about stuff you don't want to see on Sailing Anarchy's forums the next day if you are moored in a quiet harbor at night with calm water.

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