Monday, June 16, 2008

NYYC Racing Sunday : Blow it up!

Here's a nice shot from sundays race of the new open 60 called Speedboat, and this thing sure is fast... Once I saw the facial expression of the crew, -sorry guys I hope your girlfriend(s) thinks this is funny at least- I realized this would be a great example to show how much information is actually in these photos which you never see online when you are perusing the galleries. I have heard comments in the past that customers think the photos look "fuzzy" online and that when they printed them out they weren't very sharp so they weren't sure whether or not to order an enlargement. This example shows the 3 people highlighted blown up to 100% on my computer screen. What does this mean you ask? Well I'll tell you. Your computer displays 72 pixels every inch. This means if you were to need a computer to view EVERY pixel of this image which is 3888 pixels wide, your screen would need to be 54 inches wide. That's pretty big, so if you have a 51" Samsung HD, you would be viewing every pixel of this image, and if you blew it up any more the screen, or rather the software used to run it would have to "interpolate" i.e. guess what pixels to put where you have to see something - ie. you can't just leave them "blank"... this whole process works in reverse as well when you shrink a picture down so people can view it easily on the web and it doesn't take an hour to download, you simply have to cut out pixels, which imaging software does when you save an image for web viewing. So the moral of the story is, remember there is always more information in all these photos you don't see here on the web, and photos can be blown up and cropped to a very large degree; for instance if you wanted to "cut yourself out" and order a 5 by 7 of that cut out, it would be plenty sharp even you took up only a paltry 20% of the photo! Make yourself a star and blow yourself up!

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