Thursday, June 19, 2008

Most Valuable Lens

This isn't sailing but it's pretty cool... Me and my nephew Jasper headed down to the Celtics Victory Parade and got some great shots with the monopod and the 900mm on the 40D and me up on the edge of one of those statues hanging on for dear life. I then made this from the best hi-res photo and put it on ebay for sale as a print... Heres the complete gallery of photos... Jasper managed to leave his backpack on the TRAIN at Harvard, but luckily the SPOT tracker was in the knapsack so we had his mom track it online, and told the MBTA that it was going up and down the line, and to have someone one grab it for us... it got returned after a wild goose chase and 2 hours spent riding around the T... another lesson learned.

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