Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Supermoon over Mark Island Light

I Decided to head out to Mark Island Light off Stonington to shoot the moonrise and also got a cruiser enjoying the moonlight sail!  These were shot using a 300mm in low light from a boat, and I used a Kenyon Gyro to keep the lens still.  These were actually shot a 320th of second at F2.8, and ISO of 250 to keep the noise down.  I was pretty happy overall and enjoyed the night ride back to Rockland.  The software I used on the Ipad was The Photographers Emeris (to line up the moonrise) and Garmin Blue Charts.  On the way back in the dark, I used the moving map on my iphone to avoid immediate obstacles, and used my non-gps maps on the ipad to plot courses.  Once I got back to Rockland harbor I had to switch over to google maps to find the launching ramp since the charts don't really show land stuff real well.  I used a SPOT tracker which was monitored by my Dad so he knew when I got back to shore safely... I hit one lobster buoy coming back and realized I needed a fixed light for night driving so I headed over to Hamilton Marine and got a really nice Rigid Lighting M-SRQ2 Driving Light, and wired in a cigarette lighter plug for it... can't wait to try it out.