Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Try to beat this time (1:46)

Can you beat my quick solo boat haul-out time of 1 minute 46 seconds? Here's some tips for you if you are one of those slow pokes...

Points East Cover shot, pick it up free at your local yacht club or marine store! Great free reading... This shot is of the J24 "Bad Apple" during last years MS Regatta in Portland, which was probably the windiest MS regatta ever, fun stuff. See all the pics from that day here.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hyannis is Windy...

Ken said he came really close to flipping the Montauk here in Hyannis today, they called the races after things got a bit out of hand apparently, Ken got some great shots up until they called things off... check them out here

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lightning over Nubble Light in York Maine

I find photography is really a combination of many skills which is fun. This photo came about totally unplanned since I was driving back from Newport and hit a bunch of lightning coming into Maine. I thought to myself where can I quickly drive to (it was already like 11pm) and shoot something with lightning behind. {skill #1 gadget freak skills} I stopped and pulled up the POI memory on the GPS in the 4 Runner and realized Nubble light was only 7 miles away... so I just hit "guide" and away I went. The roads were practically flooded so I tested out the 4 runner's water fjording capability on route {skill #2 offroad driving skills}. When I got there I pulled in and somehow dug out my tripod and set up a shot. The camera was getting soaked so I backed in and flipped up the hatch for some protection {skill #3: creative use of available assets} ... the problem was I only getting the lighthouse clear when people would drive in with their headlights, so finally I got this guy in a mini cooper to shine his lights on the lighthouse for me {skill #4: being able to talk people into helping you out} ... still not a lot of luck but I was getting the time of the exposure I liked on the red light of the lighthouse itself... then I really started to get on track when I found my portable high intensity spotlight and starting "painting" the lighthouse with it during 30 second exposures {skill #5: carry all possible items at all times and know how they all work} . Luckily I also had this portable power battery I got at Wal Mart that is supposed to jump start your car or boat, but also has a cigarette lighter... so I could walk around and light things from different angles and trigger it on and off during the exposures. I think I took over 35 30 second exposures or something before I thought I had my "base" material {skill #6: understanding digital photograhy and the 40D's functions to produce sharp images at night} ... the final process involved layering the images in photoshop and basically taking what I needed out of each image to create a final piece {skill #7: knowing how to post process images creatively in photoshop} , I'm not sure the name for this but it's a few of the photoshop books I've read at Borders in Annapolis... yeah I'm still too cheap to buy them... is that skill number eight? Click the image to enlarge and don't steal it please except for your personal wallpaper... the great thing about this kind of photo is people actually think you were genius enough to walk up at the right time and just shoot a photo that came out like this, and that's the way we professionals like it cause they'll never get anything close to this with that kind of thinking, and neither will we!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Full Moon and Portland Head Light

Well I got locked in the park after this shoot without my phone. Since there's no coverage out there anyhow it's kind of funny that they have this sign at the gate that says "if you are locked in, call 767-3323" Luckily I had downloaded a free video on my new ipod touch that I had hardwired to my JBL in the 4 Runner, so it was like being at the movies until the cops finally came and let me out... "sir, we were told by dispatch that you refused to leave the park when requested after telling the ranger you were shooting pictures of the moonrise"... I also got bit by about 243 mosqitos, man I earned this one. Check my complete Maine Scenics geotagged collection here

Video- Melges 24's at Sail Newport Regatta: Sunday

Well I just had the video camera mounted on this bracket I wasn't even looking through any lens but at least it's halfway decent. I'll have some great photos from all the courses coming up, as I covered all the outside racing while ken was in shooting all the one designs during this fantastic day of racing in Newport... check my site for links to the outside and inside circles. All photos are now posted.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Air

After shooting some of these guys and seeing how much fun they are having, I think I may have to trade in my windsurfing gear for one of these babies. I'm thinking I can actually carry it with me, whereas windsurfing gear is just so bulky and I can't really leave it around on top of my car when I'm shooting races... anyone got any ideas where I can make a trade? I guess Island Windsurfing in Newport has some swap sales, they apparently don't take used stuff for cash though... This photo is pretty cool, I took part of it at the big boat series in 2006 and the other part on cape cod...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rapid Fire in Newport Sunday July 6th

Here's my track log from Sunday, I basically shot everything and everyone that was moving and apparently having a good time. All the photos are online now at shutterfly so you can all purchase prints at reasonable prices right now.. Just Go here..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Searchable Galleries beta (self pat on the back)

Well I just posted my first database driven photo gallery while also learning Adobe Lightroom after switching to RAW format on my 40D .... I think I slept about 3.5 hours per night the last week. Since it's in "beta" I wanted to create a mirror, but my other server host kicked me out for over quota... well lets just hope my personal web server doesn't crash.... it's pretty cool though, I've always kind of hated the "add to cart" photo systems I think they just make everything really confusing. Anyhow tell me what you think... it's basicaly a "mini-site" right now, but it seems to be working! I can't believe it...mysql, php, flash, apache, to name just a few of the terms I've been throwing around! Well here it is give it a spin and cross your fingers...

And don't forget to track me this weekend, hmm.... where might I be going?