Monday, June 16, 2008

NYYC Annual/BIRW update Monday

Over at Brewed Awakenings (wish I was actually awake) in South Kingston early this morning, think I'll take the day off and shoot block island on tuesday and/or wed. Only 56 boats I see so not a big market this year. But worth a good day or two, I haven't shot the around the island race in sometime so let's hope that it's wednesday so I can rest up for the Bermuda start friday. Looked through my associate Ken Winokur's photos from Friday. Some really good stuff from above. You can't even get this stuff out of a helicopter (unless you are shooting when your boatpix helicopter crashes) ...Ken's invented a new unmanned aerial photo gyro system he's patented and will be shooting a number of events using this proprietary system for me. We bought the rights for all yachting photography using this system through 2030 (I'll probably be pretty tired of shooting yachts by then.) Anyhow, check out this great shot on the left... we'll be posting boats by individual galleries this year, so request photos of your yacht to be posted, because it's first come first serve. We also have many excellent photos of each boat in this years regatta, including many super close up portraits of crew members which we will price so you can purchase a photo of yourself in a 5 by 7 or 8 by 10 for a very affordable price.

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