Friday, June 13, 2008

Find Me Spot

Wow it's working: Check out where I'm shooting (or where I last called it a day) at any moment now on a google map... I'll turn off the tracker at night when I'm wandering around aimlessly looking for a park bench to sleep on, or some boat that's got a nice empty bunk with my name on it. My loves this thing, and when people call and say "where are you" I just tell them to hit the site. I also found this great little pelican case for my blackberry which I am hoping will work with the new JawBone noise canceling blue tooth earpiece so that I can take calls on the boat of those high-tech folks who are surfing online while sailing, hit my spot page, and see that wow there I am 2 miles east of them... now all I need is a credit card reader for this thing and I'll sell them a flash drive full of photos on the spot after they call me from their cell 3 miles away and order the photo boat to start shooting them! My brothers wife who is a professor at the MIT media calls me an "early adopte." That's a nice way of saying that I'm the kind of person who can put up with many hours of troubleshooting technical issues in order to the coolest guy with the latest gadgets... and it's certainly true... (at least the gadget part)

* this service in beta, wavlength does not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of this service.

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