Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Block Island Race Week update #1: whoa!

I headed out to Block Island today and rented a bike to get some lighthouse shots, since the wind wasn't so great for yachting photography, and it looked like wednesday was going to be THE day to shoot... when I got out to the lighthouse I was shooting a portrait for this lovely woman (see up in the tower?) when an R44 came flying right through the lighthouse!... the Canon 40D is amazing, it shoots like 7 frames a second so I caught this image in spectacular fashion... surprisingly when I went back to the dock and told people about what I saw, they said I had been drinking a smoothie with one hand and fell off my bike and injured my brain - (yes I did fall off when my shoe slipped off the pedal while I was holding a smoothie in one hand, and yes I did decline the helmet, but my brain is just fine!).. so just email them this! Tomorrow we will have both aerials and on the water shots taken and lets hope the lighthouse reappears in its original form so we can get some great shots with you going by it intact and in all it's glory!

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