Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bernard: Early Morning Panorama

Panoramas are pretty cool, there's whole books on how to make these. I always seem to forget to set up the tripod... and used to even shoot them horizontally, oops... anyhow it's really quite basic if you just set the camera on manual, and are shooting digital, and have some nice software to put them together. Back in 1999 I was hired by Hinckley to shoot their "rendezvous" and after dropping my film off at the lab I hiked over valley cove to get this panorama shot of a zillion dollars worth of Hinckleys all rafted up like one big happy Mutual Fund managers meeting. The images were stitched together manually from 4 slides that were scanned by a friend of mine who had a really fast computer... I had to pay him $150 at the time, a steal considering I sold all 30 of these I made...(you can still order one if you want, I'll make a one off) It also made the front page of the web for a number of years (no, they didn't buy those rights) the calendar (not those either) and the Xmas card (yes you can use it there I said!) ... the freelance marketing lady responsible for this "photographer abuse" has since been "let go" so no grudge against Hinckley here... Anyhow here's the latest from Bernard Maine, what a great surprise gift this make for our hosts who woke up to this daily... I took this from their front deck then went in and some awesome New Hope Mills Pancakes, they were so good I ordered 4 bags for my dad on for fathers day... try'em you won't be disappointed...The 2 eagles perched across the way were just too far away even for the 600mm, so I just looked at them from there... Make sure to click on this image so you can see the enlarged version... rather nice I must say...

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