Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photographers Luck

A lot of what happens in photography is pretty hard to plan, and good shots you think you will get almost always turn out to be "something else" ... well anyhow case in point here I was coming back in from the reverse figawi and these kite boarders are cranking right past the mouth of the Bass River in Yarmouth, so I hang out, whip out the 300 2.8 (the greatest lens ever) throw it on my new 40D and start firing... well these guys obviously like to show off so they start sailing about 3 feet from the Dauntless then pulling these killer jumps, little do they realize I'm shooting their LEFT EYEBROW!... so I tell this guy (who appears to be REALLY good) to go jump over by the tower, which he immediately does and as I smartly set the shooting mode to "continuous" I say to myself "I paid big bucks for this gear, now it's time for it to do the work for me!" and I just hold down the trigger firing off about 15 shots... well here's the best one... it turned out to be TODD BAGGE, like the best windsurfer on the cape.

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