Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Acadia Evening Hike

Well it was long day before I left for acadia, let's just say I got 2 hours of sleep the night before, as I had to help my friend storm a huge yard sale at my alma mater at 8am (we were 5th in line at 5:30) No $5 Mark III's, but I did pick up 3 epson printers (photo printing?) 3 sleeping bags (always useful for car camping) and enough hockey gear to get my assistant Devan to play hockey this winter... sweet! Met up with my buddy Rob up at the park (Tom Tom said I'd get there at 5pm and sure enough I pull in at 5:07 (I had to score a free waterski I saw left by the side of the road after another yard sale was over - another big score, as someone stole my last slalom ski ) Seeing that I had to try the new Mtn. Dew flavor on the way up (it's called Voltage which looks exactly like antifreeze, in fact you could easily get away with putting it in there in crunch) I'm still somehow awake so hit the trail. Pretty nice rock ledge at the top, I wonder what trail this was now? It's amazing what seems to fly into your picture when you least expect it! Is that an eagle? Wow I am good!

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