Friday, June 13, 2008

New Photo Boat Arrives!

I really get upset when the competition "out does" me so this time I ordered up a real bad boy. This thing can sink pretty much anything out there with one blow, and when the next boatpix helicopter crashes it'll be an easy salvage and a great platform to fly it from (with new graphics).. actually I think I'll just scrap it and actually take some good photos from the water... the only issue I had with the delivery crew is that they went and scratched my graphics while they were racing the CAT, that new high speed catamaran ferry out of Bar Harbor and Portland... you just can't find good help these days. My last assistent used to jump waves so much, he torqued the thing and the power head finally blew on the outboard. He's officially called "break-it" now and is always ready to lend a hand if you want to make sure something is rock solid (don't bet on it).

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