Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Block Island Race Week update #2

What a pristine perfect clear day for the "around island race." My associate Ken Winokur was in the Cessna dogfighting the boatpix chopper. Just a quick tip: do not buy helicopter shots from boatpix or any chopper outfit unless you want to continue to have them ruin both the purity of yachting and ruining your wind with their downward vortex. I am a CFI and I know you can take great pictures out of plane. Boatpix is a helicopter school, not a marine photography business of any quality, check the anarchy topic here on them before you fill out their online form. I'm sure you saw me in the Dauntless with the 300mm getting you head on and with the cliffs and ligthhouse in the backround... should be some fantastic shots... but it's been a long day and I'm hitting the Celtics Victory Parade tomorrow with my Nephew Jasper, then driving back to Newport for the Bermuda Race... wow, went to the pre-race party thanks to SLAM and I must say, the boats in this year's race are more than amazing, like mind boggling sick crazy carbon fiber rocketships.....

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