Monday, August 1, 2011

Setting up a Sunrise Shot in 12 Minutes

I've been hoping to use this new iPad App I had purchased a while back called "The Photographers Ephemeris," available here, that lines up sunrises and moonrises for photographers based on their location.  A good example of how technology and art can collide in nice shot.  I had crashed in the welcome to maine rest area coming back from newport and woke at 4am.  Somehow the idea popped into my head that I could shoot a sunrise somewhere so I fired up my droid X Nav and said "Navigate to Portland Head Light" then also found that sunrise was at 5:12.  The Droid told me that I'd be there at approximately 4:58 so everything looked great to try it out.  I also had the new iRadar and iPad App to go along for the ride, and it did pick up a few cops on Broadway in South Portland, though I think they were just munching on donuts.   I had also picked up the "FOLDIT" Aluminum Foldable cart  pictured here at West Marine in Newport which provide a great way to quickly get all my gear from the boat into the position I needed for the sunrise.  Using the TPE app for my iPad (you need internet connectivity so I had it tethered with my Rooted Droid) I was able to position the camera well before the sunrise on a Gorillapod SLR which is great for those like me in constant motion and want to travel very light and fast.  Once the sun poked up it was just a matter of quickly trying a few exposures and looking in the review screen to make sure I had a decent image... now someone please order a 16 by 20 of this so I can buy more gadgets!